UV.LINE products are an alternative to sun protection in the form of clothing. The fabrics are specially selected according to their structure and receive a specific treatment that ensures blocking more than 98% of solar radiation. Tested and certified by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency), endorsed by specialists worldwide and highly recommended by dermatologists, all UV.LINE products are classified as UPF 50+ and provide permanent UV protection.

In addition to protection against UV radiation, UV.LINE fabrics present several other features such as: lightness, softness, breathability, elasticity, quick-drying, thermal comfort and antibacterial action - all designed for greater freedom of movement, best sports performance and well-being when exposed to the sun.

Technologies used by UV.LINE:

QUICKDRY: technology that allows sweat to evaporate and keeps you light and dry.

ULTRALIGHT: technology where the difference is the lightness of the product, whether it's a hat, shorts or a shirt, it is recommended for sports.

ACQUATEC: sun protection in and out of water, present in all our swimsuits.

ANTI-AGING: nanotechnology used in the anti-aging glove, which helps in hand whitening treatments and hydrates the skin, with a delicate aroma.

SHIELD-EFFECT: insect repellent technology. The products with this technology receive a permethrin treatment, the same active ingredient used in repellents.

INFRATHERM: technology that provides thermal comfort and quick drying. Products with this technology maintain a stable body temperature, forming a barrier close to the body. Perfect for hiking and sports in cold or heat.

INFRACELL: technology that uses bioactive crystals to activate blood circulation, increasing collagen production and increasing skin elasticity, improving the signs of cellulite.

FLEX: products ergonomically designed to improve sports performance. We combine soft, lightweight and quick-drying fabrics with a design that adapts very well to the body.