Sun Protection Beach Cover-Up
Women’s Comfort Short Sleeve Beach Cover-Up Maxi Dress UPF 50+

Women’s Comfort Short Sleeve Beach Cover-Up Maxi Dress UPF 50+


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The main feature of this piece is its versatility. It can be used either as a beach cover-up or as a dress for a casual look. It is an easy model to match and has a modern and differentiated design. The big difference of this piece is its super soft and comfortable fabric. Protection never washes out. It has a wide and comfortable fit, allowing total freedom of movement for the body. Its quick-dry fabric is lightweight, comfortable, cool to the touch and allows quick sweat evaporation.

  • Sun Protection Clothes: Maximum protection with permanent UPF 50+;
  • Polyamide and elastane composite fabric;
  • Full coverage of the shoulders, back, chest and arms;
  • Comfortable modeling with movement in the sleeves;
  • A sleeve that covers the elbow;
  • Cutouts with a unique blend of fabrics;
  • Long length, ensuring full protection;
  • Lightweight fabric, cool to the touch, great breathability and quick sweat evaporation;
  • Excellent finish;
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Do not use bleach and avoid soaking for long periods of time. Hand dry. No heat. Do not iron.

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