Sun Protection Shirt
Women’s Ocean Short Sleeve Shirt UPF 50+
Women’s Ocean Short Sleeve Shirt UPF 50+

Women’s Ocean Short Sleeve Shirt UPF 50+


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The main feature of this piece is its versatility. It can be used in everyday life in casual outfits or for the outdoors, protecting shoulders, back and chest. It's a super easy garment to match with colorful accessories and solid or printed pieces. Its big differentiator is the exclusive prints of the brand. And for those who want a complete outfit, we recommend using this shirt with the matching shorts in the same print. Protection never washes out. Allows multiple options for everyday use when you need protection most. Its fabric is lightweight and comfortable, allowing quick drying and sweat evaporation. It has a comfortable and loose fit to the body. Printed fabric with Amni Eco Soul technology, in which the polyamide thread is biodegradable (the polyamide decomposes in up to 3 years when correctly disposed of in landfills).

  • Sun Protection Clothes: Maximum protection with permanent UPF 50+;
  • 100% Polyamide fabric;
  • Eco-Friendly printed fabric that uses a biodegradable polyamide thread with Amni Eco Soul technology;
  • Full coverage of the shoulders, back and chest;
  • Modern shirt style, loose and with a longer back;
  • Short sleeves with roll-up tabs;
  • Front buttons;
  • QUICK-DRY property: fabric with greater breathability and quick sweat evaporation;
  • ULTRALIGHT property: extremely lightweight fabric, soft and cool;
  • Exclusive print;
  • Excellent finish;
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Do not use bleach and avoid soaking for long periods of time. Dry, no heat. Do not iron.

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